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Medicare Supplement ( aka MEDIGAP) is one of the most confusing products on the market.

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When you turn 65 or start your Medicare Part A and B you will be shocked about how confusing the entire process is.

You will be worrying about Social Security, Medicare,retirement,savings and a ton of related things when you reach this stage in life. You will be over whelmed with information, and it will feel a bit overwhelming.

The Medicare Supplement is fairly easy, it helps cover the Medical Gap where Medicare leaves off. You will pick from a series of standardized plans, from one of the 166 medicare supplement companies. Sounds like a lot, but our of all the people who call our hotline most of them end up going with 1 or 3 plans.

Medicare Supplement plan N,F or G.

These plans are more comprehensive that their counter parts and seem to have monthly price points to fit in almost every budget.

IMPORTANT: you have a limited window to get on a medicare supplement plan WITH OUR underwriting. This window is triggered when your part B plan starts.

The insurance carriers are required to offer plans to you during this time frame with out underwriting. The reason this is so important, is if you have any high risk conditions or health related problems you may be denied this supplemental coverage out side this time frame, leaving you exposed!

We are happy to be the leading toll free hotline for medicare supplement plans, and hope you will give us a call.

If you are a caregiver or family member of someone in need of a medicare supplement please check out our CAREGIVERS section.

Doctors, Hospitals and other professional please down load our free POSTERS to help educate your patients about Medicare Supplement (MEDIGAP)_ insurance.

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