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In this video I will explain what is the best of the Medicare Supplement Plans. I give examples of prices and price increases. The only difference between a Plan G and a Plan F medigap plans benefits is that with the Plan G you pay the Part B deductible. The part B deductible cost is $166.00 per year and a plan F will cost more per year than that, this results in you actually paying a fee just to have them pay the deductible for you. I go into detail, showing the exact differences between plan F, Plan G and Plan N. The rate increases are much higher on plan F when compared to plans G and N and this trend is across all providers and the country.The premium difference between a Plan F and a Plan G is always larger than the $166.00 per year deductible, which results in the Plan G being the most cost effective plan.
Plan G has some of the lowest medicare supplement rates on the market in most of the country. There are a few states where a Plan N Medigap plan is the most cost effective, such as Florida and Vermont.

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Loran Marmes
Medicare Solutions Team

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