Medicare Supplement Plan G Rate Decreases? Medicare Supplement Plan G is quickly becoming one of the favorite plans due to its benefits, rate stability and for a select group of states, rate decreases.

Watch this video and see how Plan G compares to the most popular plan, Plan F.

This video will also show a side by side comparison of Plan G vs Plan F rates and the long term cost comparison of how much you may save with Plan G.

Insurance companies like Plan G and some are reducing Plan G premiums. While not all insurance companies are offering rate decreases, Plan G rate changes remain stable compared to Plan F.

If you're only familiar with Plan F, we'll show you how Plan G benefits work and the excellent value that it may offer you over Plan F.

If you already have Plan G, this video will help you determine if you should shop the Medigap market and take advantage of recent rate decreases.

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