Medicare Supplement Plan G Deductible for Part B – 2016 & 2017 Changes … In today’s episode we talk about the 2017 changes in the Medicare Part B deductible and how that affects the Medicare Supplement Plan G.

Here is the conversation written out, for all of my visual learners out there 🙂

Wendy: Today we are going to talk about the question that Ruth is asking, Are there going to be any changes happening in the upcoming year in 2017? So. great question. Do you think she means like original traditional Medicare, or with the plans or…?.

Tripp: Yes, I am thinking she means original Medicare and does it affect any of the plans; I think she is kind of asking both.

Wendy: Good point.

Tripp: I think Ruth is the nice young lady I have got an appointment with next week. She attended my workshop.

Wendy: Oh cool.

Tripp: I will talk to you. Ruth so 2017, there are a couple of major changes. Number one is the part B deductible for original Medicare is now a hundred and eighty three dollars; where before it was a hundred and sixty six dollars so that is the biggest change as far as… now of course Part B that deductible would be affecting doctor visits or X-rays, MRI’S outpatient type things, not inpatient hospital stays.

So that one hundred and eighty three dollars is affecting plans G, D and N as far as Medicare supplements go.

Wendy: Okay, question, part B is that what you told me is deducted from most people’s Social Security check?

Tripp: No, that is different.

Wendy: That is different, okay, so Part B…

Tripp: This is original Medicare Part B.

Wendy: And people pay for that?

Tripp: Correct.

Wendy: Okay and that is what is going up?

Tripp: That’s right..

Wendy: Oh I’m thinking of the monthly premium…

Tripp: Exactly, yes so…

Wendy: So people pay for the monthly premium on Part B

Tripp: Right exactly. So for example I have got a lot of people on what we call Medicare Supplement Plan G. And before, in fact as of the making of this video the deductible is currently a hundred and sixty six dollars.

Once that is met, let’s say you go to the doctor two times and it is eighty three dollars apiece or whatever it ends up being there, to one sixty six, which that would be, one sixty six; once that deductible is met one time in the calendar year, you are done then it becomes essentially a plan F.

So a lot of times people would write in or call and go “Hey, I think that plan F is essentially going to be cheaper.” But don't be fooled, the Plan F is just absorbing and paying that deductible for you and also they and an administration fee, I call it a convenience fee, so you're paying for that for really nothing.

Wendy: So they basically kind of jacking up the monthly premium to offset you not having to pay your deductible.

Tripp: Exactly, exactly right.

Wendy: The same way that the retail stores ladies, raise their prices and then put them on sale and make you feel like you're getting a good deal.

Tripp: Yes exactly.

Wendy: Maybe that's something you can relate to.

Tripp: But again, starting January the first, that deductible will now be a hundred and eighty three dollars instead of a hundred and sixty six. So some people go, “I will just switch to that plan F because it makes economic sense.” But let me give you an example which is a real life case study from a lady I talked to the other day…


Medicare Supplement Plan G Deductible for Part B 2017



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