Medicare Supplement Plan F and Plan F “Death Spiral”

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Medicare Advantage Plans are the essence of managed care and this video allows you to hear from the providers who have to ask for permission to help you when you are in most need of care.

In my opinion there are only two reasons to choose an advantage plan.

1. You have medical issues that prevent you from qualifying for a Medigap or Medicare Supplement Plan.

2. You are not able to pay for a Medigap or Medicare Supplement Plan.

Always speak with an independent agent instead of a captive call enter agent. Independent agents are allowed to quote all of the top rated carrier’s prices and call center captive agents cannot.

Independent agents are not allowed to charge you a fee. The carrier that earns your business has to compensate the independent agent.

Contact me directly for unbiased advice. I want to be your Medicare concierge for life!

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