Medicare Supplement: How to choose a good Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan

The three most important things to consider when choosing a Medicare Supplement are Coverage, Cost and Convenience. Lets talk about coverage.
Insurance companies can only sell you a standardized Medicare supplement plan. This means every insurance company offers the same exact benefits.
Medicare Standardized plans A through L, in this slide you can see what benefits are offered by each plan. Medicare told the insurance companies they can offer every plan, no plans, or some plans, but they can not change the plans.
Tip from Medicare Supplement Shop dot com, Plan F is the most popular
Lets talk about cost, how much you pay for your Medicare supplement will depend on your location, your age, and the plan you select. The most important thing to remember is every insurance company offers the exact same benefits, so the only difference is how much you pay. There can be big differences in monthly premiums for the same exact plan. We have helped thousands of folks save hundreds of dollars by choosing the best company. Its kind of like buying a gallon of gas, 87 octane is 87 octane at every gas station in town, the only difference is how much you pay. Tip from Medicare Supplement Shop dot com. Shop around for the best price.
Convenience. When you purchase a Medicare Supplement plan, you can see any doctor or hospital in America. Some folks have signed up for Medicare Advantage plans, these plans can be cheaper, but you may be forced to see doctors and hospitals in their network, which means you may also need to get a referral to see a specialist. Tip from Medicare Supplement Shop dot com. While Medicare Advantage Plans are great for some people, most of our clients prefer Medicare Supplements.

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