3 Cards to have on Medicare – Medicare, Medicare Supplement or Medigap, Part D

http://youtu.be/xXyjeyN0dQI Robert McCardle (803)-467-9501 Hey Everyone it's Robert McCardle again for another short clip about Medicare. There are 3 cards that almost everyone is going to need. The only exceptions are if someone uses the VA for prescriptions or if they have a group retirement plan. I know it is kind of strange having 3 cards because all our lives we've only needed 1 card but Medicare piece meals it out. The first card is their Medicare card. I'm using my father's cards to demonstrate and I've blocked out some private information. The Medicare card is usually referred to as their red, white, and blue card. It will have Part A and Part B on it. Part A for Hospital coverage and Part B for Medical which is doctors coverage. The second card to have is their Medicare Supplement card which is also called a Medigap policy. These two are to be used at Doctors and Hospitals and together they should pay what the other card doesn't pay. The third card is their prescription card called Part D. D for David or Drugs. You can always tell it is a Part D card if it has the small Medicare Rx log on the card. Ok those are the three cards that everyone needs. Number one is their Medicare card, number two is their Medicare Supplement card or Medigap card, and third is their prescription card called Part D. We will see you next time.

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